Hi, my name is Shaun Connell

Photograph who, what and where you love.

I’m a marketer, photographer and educator based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I’m best known for my emotive photography, my mantra “Photograph who, what and where you love”, and my ‘This is #photography’ posts on Twitter.

My photography practice is focused on documenting the Black British experience, a subject that is close to my heart as it represents the lived experience of my family and friends. My work is inspired by photography masters such as Sir Don McCullin, Leonard Freed and Joel Meyerowitz.

As a young boy, I was moved and shocked by Sir Don’s work for the Sunday Times magazine, a newspaper that was always present in my home. This was my first real encounter with photography, a form of expression that enabled me to go places, meet people and enjoy experiences which will stay with me for life. 

Sir Don’s early influence has stayed with me as I have grown to understand my why. I photograph to explore, celebrate, question and challenge the world in which I live. The Black British experience is a stream of consciousness that I am happy to champion and contribute towards. My aims are not political, rather they are to simply document my people – family, community and self. This is reflected in my mantra, “Photograph who, what and where you love”.

I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I enjoy making it. I am available for commissions, collaborations and comment so feel free to reach out to me.